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Dr Ann Feitelberg

About Me

My journey through mental health care, from clinical social work to clinical psychology, encompasses family systems theory, resilience, and children. I began my career at a large Toronto teaching hospital as a family therapist, progressed to a small Caribbean hospital where I practiced child and adolescent psychology, school-based interventions and forensic assessment and treatment of child sexual abuse and rape; this was interspersed with research blocks at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. My clinical modalities include individual, couple, family, and group therapy using family systems theory, CBT, play therapy, emotion regulation, and clinical hypnotherapy.

My research interests include: childhood resilience; emotion regulation; and childhood neuroplasticity and cognitive implications of thyroid disease, premature birth, and Foetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Throughout my career, I have been clinically and empirically guided by two strong principles: individuals operate within a larger system; and everyone possesses an intrinsic resilient core. Consequently, each clinical session is formulated within the context of interlinking systems, all of which must be addressed for optimum health. Furthermore, having researched and treated children with severe trauma, I am humbled and reassured by their underlying resilience. By nurturing this innate strength, clients are propelled towards their best future.


BA (Hons)

MSW (Masters in Social Work)

MA (C.Psych)

PhD (C.Psych)

Professional Registrations

HCPC: PYL042517

BPS: 682272

OCSWSSW: 725511

APA: C2103668253

ICP/NCP: 361636

GHR: 9107(A)

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