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About Zababa

Our Name: Zababa


Zababa is the name of a Mesopotamian war God credited with strength and prowess in battle. The word also combines our individual connections with the Middle East and the Hebrew word Sababa, which means “cool” “excellent”, “great”. We believe in enabling our clients to find and harness their inner warrior and utilise it to work through their own personal battles, with understanding, compassion and strength to overcome them.

The Zababa Ethos

We have worked together for many years, bouncing supervision and support off each other. We started Zababa for two reasons. First, and fundamentally, because we share the same philosophy  and ethos about psychological care; that it needs to be robust, evidence based, thoughtful and compassionate. Second, because we were both unable to meet the demand of the referrals we were receiving and so we wanted to develop a team of like-minded colleagues, who share our ethos. We work closely with our colleagues to ensure we can continue to deliver excellent and expert care.

Both of us have extensive specialism in the eating disorders, having worked in this field since we were assistant psychologists, throughout


our trainings and careers since qualifying. We have continued in this field both in the NHS and private practice and have built collaborative connections with mutidisciplinary colleagues  The same is true for all areas of adolescent mental health, probably at least in part, because we are both still very in touch with our adolescent selves!


You will find within this website details of all members of the team, their qualifications and experience. We know that it's important to find someone with the appropriate credentials and that it can be a minefield navigating this. We want to reassure you that as well as working with appropriately trained colleagues that we will promise to look after you and help you find someone who is the right fit for you. If you're in any doubt about whether we can help, or if we're the right fit, please do give us a call!

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